The Boss

Damon Lister

Co Founder

Damon, born and raised in Seminole, FL – has a passion for fostering / adoption, golf, boating, architecture, traveling, and visiting Asheville NC. He loves Jesus, serving the #SLR family … and is madly in love with his wife Kelley, son & pup Wembley.

As Co-Owners of #SLR, Andy & Damon set out to create an industry-disrupting Agent-focused offering and brokerage culture that would be second to none for the Tampa Bay real estate market and the Agents that serve customers all across the Southern portion of the U.S. They believe in home, and all the magical things that come with it. They also believe in serving people well and living the southern life. Andy & Damon are delivering #highkicks to customers and Agents across FL – expanding to GA & NC.


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